Suing For Emotional Damages

Emotional distress lawsuit

                            Emotional damages

Lawsuits that are aimed at obtaining damages have now become a common occurrence in many cases. Emotional damages, wrongful termination damages, etc are some of the damages that regularly come up in court cases. If you are the accused in a case, it is natural that the police or the law enforcement agency will come looking for you. But in the process of arresting you, if you were to suffer police brutality or excessive force that resulted in a serious injury, it is possible for you to file an emotional distress lawsuit in a court of law.

The police will vehemently deny any such arguments, and as such, you must be determined to fight for justice, and stick to your insistence that the police used unnecessary force to get you arrested. The police have the authority to use excessive force if the suspect was to fight back, use a weapon, or attempt to escape. The force used by the police is considered to be excessive if they pepper spray their suspect or, taser the suspect even if he is not resisting arrest. It is also considered as a method of forceful arrest if the police were to have physically assaulted a person going along with the arrest.

Money as damages

Damages are financial compensation provided to the victims, and are to be paid by the guilty. It often includes the lawyer’s fees incurred by the victim, and usually covers for the loss incurred due to the damages caused by the guilty party. These damages are intended as a way of compensating for the damages the plaintiff had to suffer.

The damages that are awarded in a case will depend on several factors. In a civil lawsuit, the severity of the injury sustained by the victim will play an important part in determining the damages that are needed to be paid. The degree of wrongdoing in a civil case will determine the amount of damages that are required to be paid.

If the lawyer is able to prove that the actions of the accused were intentional, then the damages will certainly increase. The maximum amount of money that can be won as damages, is restricted by various laws.

Court of law

           Damages for emotional distress lawsuits

In an emotional distress lawsuit, it is of the utmost importance that you be represented by competitive lawyers, as this will massively help your case. The courts will ultimately decide the amount of damages that are needed to be paid in a case.