Filing a Lawsuit for Harassment and Emotional Distress

Emotional Distress lawsuit

Circumstances where you can file a distress lawsuit

Lawsuits are filed by those who feel they are on the receiving end of an unfair situation or treatment and seek justice by means of law. An emotional distress lawsuit falls under the category of civil case category, instead of criminal category, which is largely misunderstood by the crowd.

So, what are circumstances in which you can actually file an emotional distress lawsuit? If you are clueless about this, here is a list of situations which can distress a person emotionally.

Situations where you can file an emotional distress lawsuit

  • The workplace is one environment where you can face a lot of emotional distress. If you have an employer or a supervisor who keeps on harassing you with one reason or the other, you can always go for a harassment lawsuit. A hostile work environment is something that prevents him or her from performing their rightful duties or creating a negative atmosphere thereby affecting their productivity. However, in order to file this lawsuit, you need ample proof of the existence of such a hostile environment in your workplace and you need suitable documentation for the same.

    Harassment lawsuit

    can file a distress lawsuit, evidence

  • Another situation where such a lawsuit is valid is when you happen to face intentional or negligence behavior. For example, not providing notification of any work renovation going on in your office and which may lead to some accidents is something that can very well qualify for lawsuit.
  • It is the same case with intentional behavior where you feel that the defendant purposefully interferes in your work, thereby creating trouble in your workplace or showing you in bad light. All these too would require sufficient evidence to validate your claim.

Emotional distress- what you need?

Lawsuits are not confined to the workplace alone. You can file emotional distress for personal reasons too. However, in this case, you must have proof of your suffering due to the emotional distress caused by the defendant. Medical diagnosis results for your condition due to the distress or personal testimony validating your claim are evidences that you can make use of in such lawsuits.

Whatever may be the circumstances, remember that an attorney would take over your case only if he finds your evidence fit enough to stand trial in court.